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The cloud-native, SaaS-based application delivery controller (ADC) solution, that meets and exceeds the performance, availability and security demands of today’s web applications

Traditional application delivery controller (ADC) solutions, either hardware or virtual instances, are expensive, complex and fail to cater to the evolving nature of modern web applications, developers and IT. Cloud Perform from Webscale is deployed in minutes, delivers a rich feature set based around better performance, high availability and stronger security, and is perfect for a broad market with diverse needs and budgets.
Cloud Application Delivery Controller


Lower cost of ownership

Cloud Perform is a low priced, monthly SaaS-based solution that requires no additional investment in infrastructure and operations. This lowers total cost of ownership by as much as 80% compared to traditional application delivery controllers (ADCs).

Enhanced Performance

The average website visitor expects a page to load in less than three seconds. The Cloud Perform application delivery controller (ADC) employs powerful automated web content optimization techniques, integrated with Content Delivery Network (CDN) capabilities to deliver blazing fast performance for all your web applications, across mobile and desktop devices.

Complete application visibility and control

The Cloud Perform application delivery controller (ADC) is automatically deployed in close proximity to the application infrastructure, providing customers with unprecedented and real-time visibility into traffic patterns, potential threats and user demand of their web applications.

Fast to deploy, simple to manage

As a SaaS solution, a simple DNS change has a user’s application under Webscale control in a matter of minutes. With automatic software updates and security rule patches, Cloud Perform is always future-proofed, requiring no changes or upgrades to maintain the application delivery controller (ADC) infrastructure.

Secure your application

Threats at the web application layer can have catastrophic consequences. Cloud Perform uses a decentralized, software-defined architecture to monitor user traffic and application infrastructure in real-time, enabling always-on security with access control and inbuilt security to protect against sophisticated attacks.

Cloud agnostic

Cloud Perform is truly cloud agnostic, in that it exists on multiple public and private clouds, including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Aliyun, CenturyLink and more. It’s the ideal solution for deploying a cloud-native application delivery controller (ADC) adjacent to your application, or for a multi-cloud strategy with multiple workloads and applications across different clouds.

Cloud Application Delivery Controller for Retrofit

Deploying with Webscale is very easy. It’s reliable, it’s quick, and it’s not invasive to our system. It doesn’t require any third-party scripts or environment management systems on my end. I have to emphasize that that is really remarkable. Between the time and headache savings it affords me, and the stability and speediness it brings to the site, I’m willing to bet that Webscale is actually paying for itself at least a couple of times over,

John Kosoff Retrofitsource.com

Features and Functionality

Application Acceleration

Webscale uses content optimization techniques to accelerate applications, automatically optimizing assets for each web request, reducing page size, and number of server requests. The Webscale Cloud Perform application delivery controller (ADC) also improves performance through the use of its own caches and through integration with popular content delivery networks (CDNs), delivering web content in the fastest way possible to application users of both desktop and mobile devices.

360 Insight

The intelligent data plane of Cloud Perform is deployed across multiple cloud providers globally, and sits in close proximity to the application backend, providing an unprecedented 360-degree view into all the sessions entering and exiting the application.

Inbuilt Security

Cloud Perform has an inbuilt application firewall, that includes protection from the most critical web application security risks like Cross Site Scripting (XSS), Security Misconfiguration, Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF), and other OWASP top 10 threats. Cloud Perform also supports all security protocols – SSL, TLS 1.0, TLS 1.1, HTTPS, HTTP/2 – to enable secure communications over the Internet and ensure business critical applications are always up and running.

Load Balancing

The Webscale Cloud Perform application delivery controller (ADC) delivers application aware Layer 7 (L7) load balancing with advanced features like content-based routing, path-based routing, and sticky sessions.

ADC Auto-scaling

Cloud Perform is a highly available application delivery controller (ADC) SaaS with no single point of failure, capable of automatically scaling itself out and in, based on the capacity required to meet traffic demands.

Software-as-a-Service Model

Cloud Perform delivers the promise of a true SaaS through a pay-as-you-go multi-tenant solution, giving customers the operational flexibility to use only the resources required at any given time. Cloud Perform is always future-proofed with automatic software updates, applying performance and security optimizations across Webscale’s entire customer base in an instant.


The Webscale Cloud Perform application delivery controller (ADC) is deployed across multiple clouds, making it truly cloud agnostic. This is ideal for a multi-cloud strategy or for multiple workload or application deployments across any public, private or hybrid cloud infrastructure, as well as any static hosting environment.

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